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Texas Crop Progress and Condition Report

Weekly Summary for November 7 - 13

Published Nov. 15, 2011 @ 6 a.m.

Areas of the Cross Timbers and South East Texas received up to 6 inches of rainfall, areas of the Northern Low Plains, North East Texas, and the Lower Valley received up to 2 inches of rainfall, while the rest of the state observed scattered showers.

Small Grains:
In northern areas of the state, emerging winter wheat made good progress due to recent moisture. Some producers released grazing cattle on winter small grain fields in areas of the Blacklands and the Edwards Plateau. In areas of South Texas, winter wheat and oats suffered due to lack of soil moisture.

Row Crops:
Cotton harvest progressed well in areas of the High Plains due to dry open weather. Some cotton was in need of a killing freeze in areas of the Low Plains. Peanut harvest, in areas of the Southern Low Plains, was delayed due to recent rainfall. In areas of South Texas, peanut harvest and peanuts baled for hay continued.

Fruit, Vegetable and Specialty Crop:
In areas of the Trans-Pecos, producers prepared to defoliate pecans due to a recent frost, while premature pecans continued to fall. Spinach and cabbage harvest progressed well due to cooler temperatures in southern areas of the state.
Livestock, Range and Pasture:
Across the state, supplemental feeding of cattle continued. Cattle producers continued to cull or liquidate entire herds. Livestock producers continued to search for hay out of state. Producers hauled water to refill watering holes. Hay baling progressed well in areas of the Blacklands due to recent precipitation; however, it slowed in southern areas of the state due to dormant conditions. Cool season grasses made good progress in northern areas of the state due to recent rainfall. Pastures browned due to recent freezes in northern areas of the state.

Visit the usda web site to view the crop progress regional maps, available at

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