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Commissioners’ Court Meeting June 27

Published June 29, 2011 @ 11:04 p.m.

Minutes from the regular meeting on June 13 were approved and the following reports were approved as presented:  County Clerk; AgriLife Extension/Jones; AgriLife Extension/McDonald; Garza Wildlife Damage Association.  Precinct and countywide accounts payable for June 14, 2011 through June 27, 2011 were also approved.  Three line item transfers were approved. 

In the next order of business, Commissioner Ted Brannon informed the court that Constable 1 Eric Cravy’s credit card was cancelled by the treasurer for because credit card receipts were not submitted with the monthly reconciliation.  The receipts were lost by a deputy who used Cravy’s credit card on a business trip.  At this time, the treasurer has not received copies of the receipts although Cravy expressed to the court that he felt he had done what was required by the treasurer to take care of this situation.

The court questioned whether card holders can lend others their card although it has been usual practice in the sheriff’s department.  Brannon also stated that an employee should be informed if a credit card is going to be cancelled and suggested that this stipulation be added to the County credit card policy. 

The county credit card policy adopted on June 13, 2011 allows only the card holder to use the credit card and receipts from county credit card transactions must be submitted with the card holder’s monthly reconciliation report. Commissioners Morris and McDaniel both expressed their concern about making an exception to the credit card policy. 

“We can’t make an exception and we shouldn’t reinstate the [Cravy’s] credit card until we get the receipts,” said Morris.  McDaniel added, “If copies of receipts had been here today, I would say reinstate.”  Commissioner Brannon agreed and the commissioners voted not reinstate Constable Cravy’s credit card until the missing receipts are received by the treasurer

Garza County Probation Officer, Brandt Taylor came before the court to discuss the Garza County juvenile probation annual budget for next fiscal year. Taylor informed the court that the state has merged the Texas Youth Commission and the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission and provided information about how the county’s funding from the state should impact his budget.  The state’s portion of the budget is unknown at this time.  Judge Norman said the request will be considered during the budget hearings and the commissioners voted to accept the budget request.

The commissioners voted to advertise for bids for two pickups, one from Precinct 3 and one from Precinct 4; both are “out of order.”   The bids will be opened at the July 25, 2011 Commissioners' Court meeting.

One sealed bid for $200 was submitted for property located at Lot 19, Block 1, Bingham addition (422 N. Ave. F) in the original town site of Post.  County Attorney Mike Munk said the taxes owed are $162.51 and the adjudged value is $920.  The commissioners voted to accept the bid. 

A sealed bid for $400 was submitted for property located at Lot 35 & 36, Hart addition (518 E. Oak St.) in the original town site of Post.  According to Attorney Munk the taxes owed are $404.55 and the adjudged value is $2460.  The commissioners voted to accept the bid.

The owner of the Garza County Extension office building is requesting a $100/month increase to $600 per month for rent. This is the only change from the 2006 lease agreement.  The commissioners voted to table the item.  

Judge Norman explained that the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant request is at the governor’s office and grant awards may not be known until as late as August.  Commissioner McDaniel explained that since the Victims Advocate position is vacant after Jayta Cravy’s resignation, the responsibilities of that office fall to the sheriff’s office.  Commissioners voted to authorize Judge Norman to administer the grant process as he sees fit including an audit of the accounts of the county Victims’ Advocate office.

Regarding inter-local agreements with the City of Post, Judge Norman said he has spoken to the Mayor Thressa Harp.  He expressed that he believed the City of Post should pay $500,000 for law enforcement (50% of the total law enforcement portion of the county budget); however, the city is considering $300,000.  (This would be a $15,000 increase of the city’s portion of law enforcement for the current budget.  The city council will begin budget preparation at the July 12 meeting.)  No action was taken by Commissioners’ Court.

The court considered and approved a letter of engagement for the services of Joe F. Hays, CPA to audit the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission Grant Program funds of the County of Garza.  His fee is not to exceed $1,950.

Clerk Plummer suggested a moderate increase in the rates that other government entities that hold elections in the county pay when renting election equipment. The election program income is reserved for the maintenance and the purchasing of election equipment.  The commissioners voted to increase the rates as requested.           

Judge Norman discussed the schedule of the courthouse elevator project.  The removal of asbestos should begin on September 6 of this year.  Most of this harmful material is in the basement of the courthouse, but there is some asbestos in sheetrock tape in other places affected by the project.  The architect has recommended the competitive sealed proposal method for this project over the traditional bidding process.  The commissioners agreed and also voted to allow the architects, Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, to administer the asbestos eradication project.         

Clerk Plummer informed the court that he has surplus election equipment and has discovered that since the fair market value of the equipment is less than $1500, the county may transfer the equipment within county government without sale. Judge Norman said that the Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) has requested two laptops and the commissioners voted to transfer the equipment to the EMC.

During the Public Comment portion of the meeting, Rosa Latimer, Executive Director of the Caprock Cultural Association, informed the court about the Dial-Up History project.  On January 10, 2011, the court agreed to support the project which promotes historical buildings and sites in the county.  So far there are eight sites with signs with instructions on how visitors can dial on their mobile phone to hear a recording of the history of the building.  Latimer delivered the Dial Up History sign for the courthouse and Centennial Plaza and thanked the court for its support.

Also during public comments, Judge Norman informed the court that the governor approved the Disaster Declaration (ordered on June 13) and the governor extended the declaration until July 5, 2011.  The declaration forbids the sale and use of all fireworks.  The county’s prohibition of fireworks is through July 8, 2011 (also ordered on June 13).


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