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Citizens Committee to Address Redistricting in County

Published June 26, 2011 @ 9:59 p.m.

A Citizens Advisory Committee was appointed by the Commissioners’ Court earlier this month to assist in the redistricting of county political boundaries.

According to the Texas Constitution, each county is to be divided into four County Commissioners’ precincts with one commissioner elected from each precinct.  In 1968 as a result of a U.S. Supreme Court decision, commissioners’ precincts “must be redrawn as necessary to maintain a generally equal population within the four precincts.”  Therefore, each County Commissioners’ Court must review its county population totals in accordance with the 2010 census numbers and redraw commissioner precinct lines, if necessary, in time for the 2012 primary elections.   

To form the local committee, each Garza County Commissioner nominated 3 individuals from their precinct and the Garza County Judge nominated 3 residents of Garza County to serve on the committee without regard to the precinct in which they live. 

Members of the Garza County Citizens Advisory Committee, Precinct 1 are Lupe Cisneros, Victor Ashley and Lance Dunn; Precinct 2 – Nancy Thuett, Mary Norman and Doylene Willborn; Precinct 3 – Reyes Pequeno, Alice Cruse and Tom Middleton; Precinct 4 – Delton Osborn, Odie Hood and James Boren.  County Judge appointments are Grady Shytles, Darren Weaver and Kathy Fluitt.

The Citizens Committee will report to the Commissioners Court.


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