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Commissioners Court Minutes June 13

Fireworks prohibited until July 8

Published June 21, 2011 @ 8:01 p.m.

In a regular meeting June 13, Garza County Commissioners voted to impose an order prohibiting certain fireworks in the unincorporated area of Garza County starting June 15, 2011 and ending July 8, 2011.  In addition the Commissioners adopted DisasterDeclaration under Texas Government Code, Chapter 418.  The declaration bans the sale and use of all fireworks for a 60 hour period starting 10:30 A.M., 6/13/2011.  The declaration may be renewed by Texas Governor Rick Perry for additional 60 hour periods as often as he deems it necessary.

EMC Michael Isbell asked the commissioners to get with road hands and finish the paper work regarding damage resulting from Hurricane Alex last year.  He reminded the court that the FEMA deadline is February 2012.

The commissioners approved a change in software used in the Justice of the Peace offices. Gordon Terry, JP for Precinct 1, explained that the current contract with Ki-Corp ends in September and the JPs would like to switch to Technology Consultants for this service.  The purchase price is $12,000 per office with an annual maintenance fee of $1200 per office.  The funds for the software program come from the Technology Fund which is generated from court costs collected.

District Attorney Brian Kingston asked the court to approve a contract with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission confirming the number of cases prosecuted on behalf of the commission by the DA’s office.  The commission reimburses the District Attorney’s office for each adjudicated case.  The commissioners voted to approve the contracts pending the approval of County Attorney Munk.

District Attorney (DA) Brian Kingston also presented a budget update requesting the same amount as last year for his 2011-2012 budget even though there is a percentage increase for Garza County due to the population increase.  The commissioners approved the proposal as presented.

Tax Collector/Assessor Judy Bush received a request to waive penalty and interest on a tax statement for a resident at Lake Alan Henry.  The individual did not receive the first two tax notices, but did receive a third notice.  Bush stated that she did not believe it was the county’s fault the first two notices were not received and recommended that the court not forgive $259.57 in late penalty and interest fees.  The commissioners agreed with Bush and voted not to waive the penalty and interest amount.

County Treasurer Ruth Ann Young presented the Garza County Procurement Card Program guidelines to the court. The primary change in the program is a requirement for all county credit card users to sign-off before receiving a card.  The commissioners approved the guidelines as presented.

County Attorney Mike Munk requested funds for the transition of his administrative assistant position. Munk explained that he needed funding for two weeks for incoming employee Angela Massey and vacation time pay for outgoing Joy Creech for a total of about $2600.  The commissioners approved the request.  The funds will be taken from the part time accounting line item in the Treasurer’s budget.

The commissioners approved a letter of engagement for the services of Joe F. Hays, CPA to audit the County of Garza. His fee is not to exceed $22,650.

Ben Booth of Wind Inc. came before the court to discuss wind and solar Energy options relating specifically the Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility. Wind Inc. has executed clean energy projects for other Management and Training Corporation (MTC) who operates the Dalby unit.  In one study of another MTC facility, the savings was close to $400,000 a year.  Financing and grants are available.

Attorney Munk informed the court that an applicant for county assistance for a water bill is not eligible according to the court’s guidelines because one in the household is currently employed.  However, the commissioners voted to pay $111.87 on the water bill.

In other business, the minutes from the May 23, 2011 regular meeting were Approved as presented and the precinct and countywide accounts payable for May 24, 2011 through June 13, 2011 were approved.  Three line item requests were approved.  Emergency Management Coordinator Michael Isbell requested budget amendment of $3034.62 for overtime due to recent fires.  He explained that the other counties under contract with the EMC office may share with the costs.  Isbell request was approved. The court also voted to increase the fee for tax certificates from $4 to $5.

The following items of information were brought before the Court as a written report or for discussion:  Treasurer; Budget Usage Analysis; Tax Collector/Assessor; Senior Transportation; Justice of the Peace, 1; Justice of the Peace, 2; Garza County Certificates of Obligation Bond Fund, 2008; Garza County Public Facilities Board Bond Funds, 2005; Michael Copeland informed the court that the jail population is at 57, 36 are Garza County inmates.  State jail standards commission is expected soon for an inspection; Judge Norman informed the court that precincts 3 and 4 will each have a pick-up to sell.

Also a letter of resignation has been received from Jayta Cravy, Victims Assistance Advocate; a letter from USDA was received about emergency funding for rebuilding fences due to recent fires. The judge encouraged the commissioners to inform their constituents; county road safety instruction is being offered by the Texas Extension service.  Commissioners can get continuing education credit; and the first commissioners’ court meeting in July is reset for Friday, July 8, 2011.


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