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Readers Make Launch Day a Success

Published July 5, 2011 @ 6 a.m.

If “AWESOME!!  Great job – looks new and fresh” and "this is very informative & I like the format. I think you're on to something here. I'll enjoy reading this" mean anything, then July 4th was a good day for the debut of The Garza Post.  The comments received about the start-up internet newpaper were pleasing to its founders Rosa Latimer, Jim Plummer and Cody Collier. 

Sports editor Plummer said “it was exciting to watch the readers ‘Like’ the site on Facebook.  It was a constant stream throughout the day."  By day's end 57 people clicked that they liked TGP, The Garza Post.

TGP was officially launched into cyber space on Independence Day 2011 just minutes after July 3rd became history.  The Garza Post was created to provide an online news outlet and be an information source for the community. The founders hope to create a culture of participation where the citizens of Garza County can read quality news as well as contribute to that news. To best serve the community, TGP is available to the public, for free, 24/7/365.

"We hope readers will bookmark so they can keep up with the latest local news,"  said Rosa Latimer, managing editor.  "We have the capability of adding news any time during the day or night."

What’s in the name?

The Garza Post is obviously a play on words.  Historically, many traditional newspapers and publications across the country have used the term “Post” including The Saturday Evening Post, the New York Post and the Washington Post.  But in this instance, it’s a double meaning.  “Garza” is self explanatory.  And since Garza County is the fastest growing county in West Texas, "we had to include it" said Plummer.

Is the timing right? 

Just this year a study by the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism showed that the web is readers' second favorite way to get their news.  Television remains number one.  The study also showed that 41 percent of news seekers find it on the web while only 31 percent prefer traditional newspapers.  "Social media is growing and access to production class technology is becoming easier.  This convergence makes for a great time to launch an online paper if you have the right team of people and a good community.", said director of technology Collier.

Advertisers are following the readers as well.  It was reported recently in the Wall Street Journal “that Web advertising in the U.S. resumed double-digit growth in 2010, outpacing traditional media and surpassing newspaper ad revenue for the first time, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.”  The Garza Post offers advertisers the opportunity to reach local consumers as they receive global exposure.


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