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Photo by Lance Dunn / TGP

The 4th Without Fireworks

An Independence Day Pictorial

Published July 4, 2011 @ 4:47 p.m.

I haven't heard a pop all weekend.  And that's good since all things that can ignite a fire are banned due to Garza County's worst drought in recorded history, so I'm told.   

I've celebrated this Independence Day praying for rain, hoping our firefighters have a day off and doing a little work on the newly launched web site, The Garza Post.

I also went around this weekend to see the spirit of the 4th and took some pictures to share with you.  Click on the these links to see the photos:

Independence Day Weekend 2011 at Post City Trade Day and the Class of '61 Reunion

Independence Day Weekend 2011 at Lake Alan Henry

Independence Day 2011, The Stars and Stripes

As is the policy here at The Garza Post, your contribution of pictures and comments are welcome.  Send them via email to

And even though we couldn't light fireworks this year, I hope you had a blast anyway.



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