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After weeks of heavy mud removal and reshaping of the shoreline, South Lake now sits ready for rain.

City Lake Ready for Rain

Published July 14, 2011 @ 3:58 p.m.

As water in the city lake, aka South Lake, dwindled, Post city manager, Arbie Taylor and long-time businessman, T. K. Thompson saw an opportunity to make improvements to the lake area.  Taylor reported in this week's city council meeting that "Our goals were to deepen the lake, remove mud and reline the shore."  Optimistically planning for the future, he said, "We wanted to have a nice shoreline when we do have water in the lake again." 

Thompson, who received a certificate of appreciation from the City Council for his work at South Lake approached Taylor with the idea of working on the lake during this extremely dry period.  Thompson wanted to “do something for the city to make us proud," Taylor said.  City employees Paul Perez and Billy Winkle were also recognized for their contribution to the work done on South Lake. 

The result of the hard, hot work is a deeper lake with a greatly improved shoreline and an improved island.  In addition, a peninsula was added to allow folks to walk out into the lake to fish.  Taylor also noted that the peninsula will be a great place to launch fireworks for future Independence Day celebrations.

With a little more work to be done, South Lake is primed and ready for rain!



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