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Post Lions Club members presented a check to the Post Public Library to help replace state funding that was lost in state budget cuts. (From left) Jason Porter, Alisa Peters, Librarian Peggy Ashley, Shad Sturgeon, John Berry, Michael Comeaux and (front) Will Reed.

Post Lions Club Helps with Library Funding

Published Dec. 21, 2011 @ 2:47 p.m.
Updated Dec. 22, 2011 @ 4:27 p.m.

The Post Lions Club recently presented the Post Public Library with a check for $3075 to purchase books.  Because of state funding cuts, the library lost its Lone Stare Library grant that had been used in the past to buy new books.  According to librarian Peggy Ashley, the donation from the Lions Club along with the PEARL Grant the library received earlier this year, she can continue to provide the latest books at the local library.

Those who contributed were:  A Wink and a Smile, Alexa Collier, Andy & Lee Ann Hudson, Anthony Merrell, Barton Cox, Bernie Gradel Family, Bill & Gennie Hamilton, Billy, Stacy, Sydney & Brinley Quinn, Bob & Suzanne Hudman, Bobby & Jennie Cowdrey, Bonnie Tyler, Byron &  Tamye Garrison, Call & Clint Windham, Carol Williams, Cathy Sawyer, Charles & Dedra Adams, Charles & Ruby Williams, Chili & Carolyn Black, Chris & JoAnn Stelzer, Comeaux Family, Cres & Cynthia Merrell, Cort Greer Family, Danny & Linda Richardson, David & Carol Baker, David & Karen Nichols, Delwin Fluitt Family, Donny & Diann Windham, Dorothy McCook, Doug & Natalee Shepherd, Drew Porter, Erica Schooler Curry, Fern Jones, Gary & Peggy Graves, Garza County Animal Hospital, Gene & Betty Posey, Gene King, Giles & Mendy Dalby, Gini Aldridge, Guin & Charla Miller Family, Holly’s Drive In, Howard, Serena & Herston Alford, Inez Seaborn, Isabelle & Julius Stelzer, J. Cruse Christmas Gallery, J. Terry & Kenda Bartlett Family, James & Amy Easterling, James Davenport, Jason & Donna Porter, Jay Miles Josey, Jennifer Josey Henderson, Jeremy Kyle Josey, Jim & Karla Schooler, Jim & Serena Voss, Jim Bocko Family, Jimmy Romine Family, JoAnn Easley, Joe & Doris Giddens, Joe & Michelle Moore, John & Kellie Berry, Juanetta Bocko, Kari & Noel Mjolhus, Kenda Josey, Kim Reiter’s Kindergarten Class, Kohen & Paul Josey, K.W. & Patty Kirkpatrick, Kyle & Diane Josey, Lance & Tonya Dunn, Larry Waldrip, LeeAnn & Garry Ray, Linda & Marvin Self, Linda Waldrip, Lubbock Lions Club, Luke & Laura Williams Family, Marie Neff, Marjorie Grissom,  Mary Nell Holly, Michael & JoAnn Travis, Monica Schooler Davis, Munk & Lavena Palmer, Naomi Matsler, Pam Humble, Porter Hardware, Postell Family, Quinten & Madison Davis, R. L. & Jimella Simpson, Randy & Julie Hancock, Robbie & Marta Williams, Royce & Marianne Hart, Ruth Davis, Sue Ann Davis, The Post Dispatch, Theona Josey, Thressa Harp, Tim & Leslie Tatum, Twin’s Fashions, Velta King, Victor & Peggy Ashley, Virginia Babb, Wade & Carey Bridgeman.    

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