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Beware of Door-to-Door Sales Team

Published Dec. 15, 2011 @ 10:05 p.m.

A group of young men, representing Lrumar Publishing LLC, of Falcon, Colorado are going door-to-door in the City of Post taking orders for children's books.  According to Garza County Sherrif's Deputy Marcus Lively, if the homeowner declined to buy, the salesperson requested a donation. 

City Manager Arbie Taylor informed The Garza Post that the group of salesmen arrived in Post on Thursday and proceeded to solicit business without a permit.  Taylor explained that solicitors must obtain a permit which costs $250 or provide a bond.  When confronted with the issue of not having a permit, the manager of the group said they were not selling anything, therefore didn't need a permit.  Taylor said that a permit is necessary even if requesting donations. 

Deputy Lively was told by the city's code enforcer that when the group did eventually request a permit, it was declined due to negative information uncovered during a background check.

After a visit to Lrumar's website, it was discovered that they don't claim to sell any type of publication, but it does give instructions on how to handle complaints including "If you would like to cancel your order, follow the instructions on the back of your receipt you were provided with.  Remember stopping payment on your check or disputing a credit card transaction is NOT a form of cancellation."  The customer service message further instructs "If you feel you are better then the other 256,000 customers over the past year you will only get yourself upset.  We do not make exceptions for anyone.  Please, just follow the instructions on your receipt."

According to Taylor the operation is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  Also, a Google search revealed complaints registered against the company.

Deputy Lively recommends to citizens that if approached by a solicitor from Lrumar Publications "just shut the door and call the sheriff's department."  The department's number is 495-3595.



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