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Indigent Defense Contract Considered by Commissioners

Published Dec. 13, 2011 @ 9:14 p.m.
Updated Dec. 17, 2011 @ 12:37 p.m.

The Garza County Commissioners' Court met in a regular meeting December 12 at 9:00 a.m. and among other items of business, the 2012 Indigent Defense Contract for district court was discussed.

By letter, District Judge Carter Schildknecht provided statistical information comparing costs with an estimated savings by way of a contract public defender.  The only contract bid received for 2012 is from Arthur Aguilar.  He bid $66,000 to provide the service for the four county district.  Garza County’s pro-rata share for the 2012 contract would be $9,147.60 which is less than the cost in 2011.  The agreement with Aguilar was approved by the commissioners.

Judge Norman reported that repairing the boiler will cost $12,000 and therefore is cost prohibitive.  The court will proceed to look for an alternative way to heat and cool the courthouse.  In the meantime, space heaters are being used where needed.

A proclamation declaring December 7, 2011 as Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in recognition of Seaman First Class John David Miller who was the first casualty from the City of Post in the attack in 1941.  

The court discussed guidelines and criteria for granting tax abatements in reinvestment zones.  There are currently two reinvestment zones in place.  The judge explained that the guidelines and criteria must be in place before a reinvestment zone can be created.  The Court voted to extend the guidelines and criteria originally established in February 2010 for an additional two years.

The elevator project was reported to be on schedule.  The elevator and parts have been delivered and should be installed soon. 

Minutes from the two November 28, 2011 regular meeting were approved as presented.  The following items of information were brought before the Court as a written report or for discussion and approved as presented: Treasurer; Budget Usage/Analysis; Clerk;Tax Collector/Assessor; Senior Transportation; Justice of the Peace, 1; Justice of the Peace, 2; AgriLife Extension/Jones; AgriLife Extension/McDonald; Garza Wildlife Damage Association; Garza County Certificates of Obligation Bond Fund, 2008; Garza County Public Facilities Board Bond Funds, 2005; Update: Political Redistricting. 

Precinct and countywide accounts payables for November 29 through December 12 were approved.  There were no line item transfers or budgetment amendments. 

Due to Christmas holidays, the next regular Commissioners' Court meeting will be Wednesday, December 28.   




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