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The PoSt branding iron rests on the concrete bench adorned with Garza County brands at the courthouse. Ranchers and farmers across the state have the opportunity to renew marks and brands through February 29, 2012.

It's that Time of the Decade for Ranchers and Farmers

Renewal of Registered Marks and Brands Announced

Published Aug. 1, 2011 @ midnight

The Garza County Clerk’s office has over 200 registered livestock marks and brands on file, according to Terri Laurence, Deputy Count Clerk.      

In accordance with Article 144.044 of the Texas Agriculture Code, on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 the Clerk’s office will begin the renewal process of the recording of marks and brands.  Brand owners will have until Wednesday, February 29, 2012 to renew their brand registration. Marks and brands must be renewed within the registration period regardless of the date it was originally registered.

District and County Clerk Jim Plummer said “according to state law, the renewal occurs every ten years.”

On Thursday, March 1, 2012, any brand that is not renewed becomes “void” and an “open brand” for anyone to register. 

The recording fee for a mark or brand is $16.00 per type of animal at the time of the initial filing. Additional locations are $5.00 per location on the animal.  (Example: “c” on left hip would be $16.00.  With a “c” on left hip, left rib, left shoulder and left thigh, when all filed at the same time, the total would be $36.00.)

If additional mark and brand locations are filed after the initial filing, the full recording fee of $16.00 will apply.

Laurence requests that you register your mark or brand in person at the clerk’s office at the courthouse, 300 W. Main Street, Post, TX.  Applications will be mailed to all owners of brands with current registrations.  Also, applications can be found at the Clerk’s office and on the county website.

If you have brands registered in other counties in the State of Texas, it is necessary for you to contact the office of the county clerk of those counties and renew your registration there also.

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