Sunday, Dec 2, 2012
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There are four ways you can advertise on The Garza Post:


You can read more about our advertising below. If you have any questions or just want to get started,
please don't hesitate to contact us at!

The Garza Post is the new way to connect with buyers for as little as $25 a week! *

The Garza Post online newspaper offers advertisers the opportunity to repeatedly reach Post & Garza County shoppers with a vibrant, full-color Block Ad on our web site. An array of placement options are available for any budget from $25 - $70 per week.

A study by the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism showed that the web is a favorite way for readers to get their news, second to television. The study also showed that 41 percent of news seekers find what they want on the web while only 31 percent prefer traditional newspapers.

(*) Costs for Display ads depends on your choice of ad type and placement.

1. Display Advertising

A. “Home” Page Rates

      First Block: $70/week
        Second Block: $50/week

      B. Section Page Rates (News, Lifestyle, Sports, Business or Events)

          First Block: $35/week
            Second Block: $25/week

          Package Details

          • Includes a link to your web site or other information such as a pdf
          • Section ads will also appear on every story page in that section
          • Your ad may rotate with one other advertiser in the section and placement you choose
          • Ads rotate randomly each time the page is viewed or refreshed
          • Regular blocks are 300px by 250px
          • Double height blocks (600x300) with more information are available for twice the price

          Example block ads:



          2. Spotlight Advertising

          A Profile Package for Businesses and Organizations

          Here’s an opportunity to have your business or organization featured in a “news” style article and promoted on Facebook and Twitter for minimal cost.

          The cost to you is $50 and your spotlight story with up to 3 photos will be on the Home page as a lead story for at least two days and on the Business section as part of the normal rotation.

          You can download a Spotlight profile form by clicking here. Complete that form and send it to The Garza Post, P. O. Box 946, Post, TX 79356 along with your payment of $50.00. Additionally, send up to three pictures via email to accompany the story. Your feature story will then post within 7 days of receipt of questionnaire, payment, and pictures.

          The Spotlight Profile is available to businesses and organizations once every six months. Advertisers purchasing a monthly package receive a spotlight story free with a three month commitment.


          3. Classified Ads

          The Garza Post is happy to accept classified ads from the Post-Garza County community. Most ads will be published free of charge for one week. If you would like to place an ad, please email the ad to us at

          If you wish to place a classified ad for help wanted, real estate, or legal notice then a fee is required. Such ads are $5 for 1-50 words, $10 for 51-100 words, and so on.


          * For Sale: Yellow 1968 IH pickup in very good condition. This truck has been very well cared for and during the past 7 years was driven by a retired preacher a few blocks to church or to his book store. $5500. Call 555-555-5555 for more information. (posted: 2011 11 09)


          4. Political

          Place your political ad on The Garza Post for as low as $12.50 a week. That's 50% off our regular rate for a block ad (second block) on a section page. All home page and section page ads are available at the same 50% discount off standard rates (see above). We realize that campaigns are expensive and we hope this price reduction will be of benefit to you.

          We will design your ad and post it online. All we need from you is the information for the ad, a photo if you want, and we’ll take it from there. If you have a web site or a Facebook page, we can include a link in your ad. All of this is included in your cost. (As with any political advertising, payment is required in advance.)

          Whether or not you advertise with us, we'd like to inform our readers that you are a candidate. So please send us your announcement for candidacy (500 words or less) along with a photo if you have one. We will post the story on at no cost to you.

          Email your announcement and/or advertising information to or mail to: The Garza Post, P. O. Box 946, Post, TX 79356. If you have questions, please email us and we’ll get in touch with you. We at The Garza Post wish you the best in your campaign.


          Fan Mail

          "Just wanted to let all of you know that I appreciate you. The Garza Post is a great service to the community. Thanks for keeping us current and informed!!!"

          "I love the new on line paper. Welcome to the younger generation."

          " I couldn't be happier (with ad). It is very impressive. I really enjoy dealing with professional people. Your on line paper is a real class act. I will do business with you again. Thank You."

          "I am really impressed with The Garza Post!"

          "I really enjoy the Garza Post. Great coverage of events in Post!!! Quality work!!!!"

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          Just wanted to say thanks for The Garza Post and all the effort you all put into it! It is nice to not have to wade through a bunch of muck to read the news.

          "I'd like to thank Mrs. Latimer and her staff on an excellent job with The Garza Post website! Living in DFW now, it's been great keeping up with what's happening in Post and I'm continually reminded of just what makes me so proud of my hometown. Thanks again to The Garza Post!"

          "I am really impressed with The Garza Post!"

          "How exciting it was to come back to Post on a Semi-Permanent basis and see a refreshing spin on the happenings of Garza County and Post City. I read every cotton pickin' story once I found out about this new online community newspaper. Congratulations to all who make this a success. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next round of articles."

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